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Update Call with MCAP (Sept. 2014): listen now


  • Portfolio will initially be 100% Single Family Residential Mortgages (minimum 80%)
  • Diversification: Over 850 mortgages, diversified by term and property location
  • Liquidity: Underlying properties are expected to be highly saleable homes in major urban centres
  • Low Duration: Focus on mortgages with terms of up to 3 years

Mortgage Consultant & Mortgage Services Provider
MCAP Financial Corp.

  • One of Canada’s largest non-bank lenders with over 20 years of experience underwriting and servicing Single Family Residential Mortgages
  • MCAP manages over $36 billion in mortgages for banks, lifecos, credit unions and institutional investors; approximately $9 billion of mortgage originations per year
  • Principal owners: Caisse de dépôt et placement du Quebec (one of Canada’s largest pension fund managers) and MCAN Mortgage Corporation (TSX: MKP)
  • MCAP’s Competitive Advantage: Proprietary lending and servicing systems, extensive underwriting expertise, deep broker network & funding sources
  • MCAP will originate and service all mortgages for Eclipse Residential MIC

Management Fee & Mortgage Servicing Fee
Total management fee and mortgage servicing fee of 1.35% of net asset value per annum

Strong Corporate Governance
Managed by Brompton Funds Limited

TSX listing
Annual redemptions (commencing December 2014)
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Total Assets (Jan 31, 2015)

$38 million

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