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Investment Mandate
The Fund was created to invest in an equal-weight, diversified portfolio consisting of 15 large-capitalization technology companies that are included in the S&P 500 or S&P/TSX 60 Indices. Equal weight approach means no large exposure to any single issuer; US dollar exposure hedged to Canadian.

Attractive Monthly Distributions
Monthly distribution of $0.054 per unit, funded through dividends and covered call writing on up to 25% of the portfolio.

Canadians are Underweight Tech
Tech is among the smallest sectors within the S&P/TSX 60, but is the largest S&P 500 sector. Investors need to look beyond Canada for exposure to this important global sector.

Tech Positioned to Benefit from US & Emerging Markets
During periods of US economic expansion since 1980, US corporate spending for Tech equipment and software has grown at over twice the rate of growth in spending for all other capital goods.  Additionally, large-cap Tech companies provide investors with an attractive opportunity to participate in high-growth emerging markets, with 38% of the tech sector’s revenue coming from emerging and developing markets.

Compelling Value and Strong Fundamentals in the Tech Sector
Tech companies are currently valued at an attractive discount to Canadian equities on a price-to-earnings basis.  Companies in the tech sector have strong balance sheets, with growing earnings and cash flow.

Low Fees
Management fee of 0.75% of net asset value per annum.

Experienced Manager
Managed by Brompton Funds Limited, an investment fund manager since 2002.

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NAV (Feb 25, 2015)


Monthly Distribution (Mar 31, 2015)


Closing Price (Feb 25, 2015)


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Total Assets (Jan 31, 2015)

$59 million

Portfolio Summary
Investor Brochure
Sector Breakdown

Technology Hardware and Equipment 52%
Software and Services 46%
Cash and Short-Term Investments 2%
Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment 0%