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The portfolio manager will employ a value-driven investment strategy to construct a portfolio that seeks to balance long-term capital growth with capital preservation, and will invest opportunistically in equity and equity-related securities of issuers that the portfolio manager believes are fundamentally sound and are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value.

Portfolio Manager
David Taylor of Taylor Asset Management Inc. has been managing equities for 25 years and funds managed by David Taylor have won  15 Lipper Awards(1) and 3 Morningstar Canada’s Best Canadian Equity Fund Awards(1) in the past decade for short, mid and long-term performance.

Management  Fee
Management fee of 1.0% of net asset value per annum, which includes fees payable to the Portfolio Manager

Performance Fee
A performance fee of 10% of the appreciation in net asset value per unit will be payable after a 5% hurdle rate has been achieved and the net asset value is subject to a high water mark which starts at $10.00 per unit.

Experienced Manager
Managed by Brompton Funds Limited, an investment fund manager since 2002.

TSX listing
Annual redemptions
Market repurchases (issuer bid)

(1) For a detailed list of awards click here



NAV (Mar 04, 2015)


Monthly Distribution (Mar 31, 2015)


Closing Price (Mar 05, 2015)


Total Assets (Jan 31, 2015)

$61 million

Portfolio Summary

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Sector Breakdown

Energy 20%
Industrial 17%
Consumer Staples 13%
Consumer Discretionary 13%
Technology 11%
Financials 10%
Materials 8%
Healthcare 8%
Cash and Short-Term Investments 0%