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Toronto, February 14, 2017: Brompton Funds Limited (the “Manager”) is pleased to announce the completion of the tax-deferred transfer of assets of Brompton 2015 Flow-Through Limited Partnership (the “Partnership”). The Partnership has transferred all of its assets to Brompton Resource Class (“BRF”), a class of Brompton Mutual Funds Limited in exchange for Series B Shares of BRF. The Partnership will be dissolved on or about February 28, 2017. Series B Shares of BRF were issued at a net asset value per share of $0.7151. The final net asset value per unit of the Partnership was $23.5274 which represents an after-tax return of 48.2% over the life of the Partnership(1). Partnership units were converted at a rate of 32.900853 Series B Shares of BRF for each Partnership unit. The Series B Shares will offer daily liquidity through FundServ as soon as possible once investment advisors have reconciled positions with FundServ, under fund code CAM 151.

BRF provides Canadian investors with exposure to a broad array of investments in the natural resource sectors. BRF’s investment objective is to provide the potential for long-term growth of capital and to a lesser extent, the production of income. BRF offers daily subscriptions and redemptions. The portfolio managers of BRF are Laura Lau and Mike Clare, who are also the portfolio managers for the Brompton Flow-Through Limited Partnerships.

BRF will not charge a fee or commission when the Series B shares are issued under the mutual fund rollover transaction and will not charge redemption fees in respect of such Series B Shares.

BRF will not issue certificates for Series B Shares. BRF is a fund class of Brompton Mutual Funds Limited which is a mutual fund corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada. BRF securities are sold under a continuous offering prospectus and BRF is a reporting issuer for securities law purposes in all provinces and territories of Canada. The prospectus contains important information about BRF, including investment strategy, fees and risks. Brompton encourages all investors to read the prospectus for all other terms and conditions of BRF

About Brompton Funds

Brompton Funds, a division of Brompton Group which was founded in 2000, is an experienced investment fund manager with approximately $2 billion in assets under management. Brompton’s investment solutions include TSX traded funds, mutual funds and flow-through limited partnerships. For further information, please contact your investment advisor, call Brompton’s investor relations line at 416-642-6000 (toll-free at 1-866-642-6001), email info@bromptongroup.com or visit our website at www.bromptongroup.com.

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