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Webinar – Introducing BEPR: Investment Grade US Prefs, 6%+ Yield

Date: 16 Nov, 2021

Chad Conwell – Executive Vice President Flaherty & Crumrine Inc. – joins Chris Cullen – Senior Vice President & Head of ETFs at Brompton Funds – to introduce Brompton’s latest product offering: Brompton Flaherty & Crumrine Enhanced Investment Grade Preferred ETF (TSX:BEPR), Canada’s 1st leveraged-long Investment Grade Fixed Income ETF!

Visit the BEPR Webpage | Visit the BPRF Webpage

Two Ways to Invest in US Preferreds

CE Credits: Introducing BEPR

Continuing Education credits are available for viewers of this webinar. Complete the short quiz to earn CE credits. Passing grade: 7/10 (70%)

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One of the benefits of converting FFI into an ETF is
The expected risk rating once FFI has been converted into BEPR is
As a leveraged-long fund, BEPR will operate with leverage in a range of ______ of NAV
US Preferred Shares are characterised by
The US preferred market has _____________ of issuers compared to the Canadian preferred market.
Unlike index ETFs, actively managed Preferred Share ETFs can access ______ preferred shares
Compared to investment grade corporate bonds, US preferreds offer
BPRF’s largest sector allocation is in
As of the recording date, BPRF has a _______ Morningstar rating
When FFI is converted into BEPR, what aspect(s) of the fund will change?

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