Brompton U.S. Cash Flow Kings ETF

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Brompton U.S. Cash Flow Kings ETF seeks to replicate, to the extent reasonably possible and before fees and expenses, the performance of the Brompton Index One U.S. Cash Flow Kings Index (“U.S. Index”). The U.S. Index uses a rules-based methodology to gain exposure to shares of U.S. publicly-listed companies with the highest Free Cash Flow Yields.

Why Free Cash Flow Yield?

  • Positive Free Cash Flow indicates that a company is financially strong and has the potential to significantly increase shareholder value
  • Companies with High Free Cash Flow generate excess cash that can be used to:

Return capital to shareholders through share buybacks and dividends/dividend increases

Reinvest in the business for growth opportunities (e.g. R&D, acquisitions, new business lines)

Improve balance sheet strength by paying down debt

  • High Free Cash Flow Yield companies are valued attractively relative to their cash generating abilities

The universe of the U.S. Index is comprised of all NYSE and NASDAQ-listed companies (excluding Financials) that meet a minimum market capitalization requirement. Companies are ranked by Free Cash Flow Yield and the 50 companies with the highest Free Cash Flow Yield are selected for inclusion in the Index.

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