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Webinar – Dividend Growth – A Solution for Uncertain Times

Date: 04 Mar, 2022

Watch Brompton Chief Investment Officer, Laura Lau, and Head of Distribution, Steve Allen, discuss current dividend growth opportunities and the value of dividend growers in a volatile market environment.


CE Credits: Dividend Growth - A Solution for Uncertain Times

Continuing Education credits are available for viewers of this webinar. Complete the short quiz to earn CE credits. Passing grade: 3/5 (60%)

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Market expectations of the number of rate hikes by year-end 2022 in the U.S., Europe and Canada have ____________ from December 2021 to February 2022.
Historically, dividend growers have ___________ the broader equity market during Fed interest rate hiking cycles.
As corporate earnings slow, we expect to see a switch from ______ equities to ______ equities. This is because these companies tend to have stable earnings, lower debt, and free cash flow.
Global companies are expected to continue growing dividends because earnings have recovered and payout ratios are low by historical standards, currently in the bottom ______ (as at January 21, 2022).
While there are risks of a potential recession, we don’t expect a recession in the near future because of:

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